Title Image: Ninmu Nanmu; a webcomic by John Colburn
Okay here's a new page. Took longer than I wanted but that's pretty normal. Had some anxiety/depression issues followed by medication changes and all of that led to many days where I couldn't really work at full capacity. I'm mostly okay for now, got this page done, and can hopefully make decent progress on the next one before I run into more trouble.

Thank you everyone for your patience and support. Check out my patreon page if you're looking for more ways to support these comics.
(Posted 2017-03-20)
... and another new page goes up. Just for note, I've now got a patreon thing, so if you like this comic and want to support it click on over there and check it out.
(Posted 2017-03-03)
Hey, it's a new page.
(Posted 2017-02-19)
(Posted 2017-02-13)
(Posted 2017-02-12)