Ninmu Nanmu

Love and Freedom

A game by John Colburn


May 29th, 2014: Still not much to report on the code side of things. Still working on content and visuals. I posted some concept art on my DeviantArt account, which you can find over here. I've been messing with color combinations for terrain. Right now the test map is extremely purple, as seen below. It has also been green, blue, gray, and brown recently. You can also see some miscellaneous experiments with different tiles and backgrounds.

May 21st, 2014: Hey there, posting this update cause I said I would. Not much specific progress to talk about right now because last week was payroll and I was sick for part of the weekend. I opened the code to work on it and quickly realized I was in no condition to make significant changes.

So I'll talk about the current state of the code. I was using Python+Pygame when this project started, and at some point I switched to C+SDL2 without really announcing it. I know I told a few people, but consider this the official announcement.

Re-coding everything in C didn't really take that long, and the change of language hasn't made things any more difficult from my perspective. In fact, a bunch of lingering problems (graphics scaling, input handling) were much easier to solve after the switch.

My biggest challenge right now is establishing a content workflow so I can start producing gameplay instead of just code. I'm working on how to build levels, write dialogue, etc in a way that works for me and for the engine. A format that's easy to work on is often a pain to parse and vice versa. I've got a pretty solid system for laying out the terrain, but I'm not totally satisfied with the current system for placing objects/NPCs/etc. The format for storing dialogue is totally up in the air right now.

And now, here's an image pulled randomly out of the current build. The latest dialogue portrait for Frost. I'm experimenting with different visual styles for dialogue, because I'm not sure I want to go with the classic Visual Novel presentation.

May 11th, 2014: Anybody ever noticed how I'm terrible at posting information about my projects? Cause I'm pretty terrible at that.

Shortly after the previous (Jan 19th) update, I started a new job because I needed more money. That, of course, meant that working on the game went from slow to very slow. It kinda sucks that I don't always have much time to work on the game now, but on the upside I have enough money to keep working on the game.

My original timeline said I would have a totally playable version after one year (10 days ago) which obviously didn't happen. That may or may not have been an unrealistic goal; I'm far too biased to make that distinction. The important part is that I'm still working on the game and I still intend to finish it.

I haven't forgotten any of the people who backed my IGG campaign. I hope you'll all bear with me for a while longer; I won't try to say how long it will take to finish the game, but I'm definitely going to share progress more often. I will totally admit to being slow and inconsistent, but at least I don't give up easily.

Jan 19th, 2014: Decided I didn't like the fancy CSS, so it's back to solid colors.

Jan 8th, 2014: Went nuts on the CSS for a while. I think it looks nice, but maybe isn't quite my style? I guess we'll see.

Jan 8th, 2014: Added some stuff to the 'About' section. Still rolling along.